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Bernard, I‘m going to share something with you:

So I say that lean is for 2 percent of the people in the world. There are very few people in the world that get it. But the truth of the matter is it’s about 1%. It’s even smaller than that. And this is my calculation based on talking with people all around the world, literally on a daily basis and just seeing what’s going on and the people that implement it well and so forth and so on.

But then there is another league of leader and that would be you.

There are so few people on the planet who are doing lean that realize that it applies to everything and that they’re excited about everything.

They see the value in small, big, and things that don’t have to do with the factory. I’ve never seen anything like it!

You’re in a league by yourself. You know, I refer to Alex Ramirez, if you know who he is, as 1B. I’ve never met anyone like him in my life. He is extraordinary. He is the most giving, generous person. He helps everybody all over the world. He’s brilliant. He’s an engineer. He speaks so many languages. And yet he helps everybody. He’s got a smile on his face. He’s positive. He did a huge transformation on four continents with a company with tens of thousands of employees. And he’s still just ripping it up.

And then there’s you. And you guys are in the same league. And I’ve never put anybody in his league before. You’re pretty awesome.

Paul Akers

Entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker, & Lean maniac. Author of the these famous books: 2 Second Lean, Lean Health, Lean Travel, Lean Life and Banish Sloppiness & fall in love with precision.